Everything Is Under Control

The Encyclopedia of Conspiracy Theories
written with Miriam Joan Hill

Abductees Anonymous 

This organization serves as a support group for persons who believe that extraterrestrials have kidnapped and sexually molested them– one of the largest sub-groups in the “recovered memory” community, trailing behind only the “incest survivors” and the “Satanic abuse survivors.” While the whole theory and therapy of the “recovered memory” movement has come under increasing criticism in recent years, it still has many believers, who sincerely think that their therapists helped them remember (not fantasize) incidents of incest, cannibalism, coprophilia, sado-masochism, rape, human sacrifice and/or evil “Greys” — a race of detached scientific investigators and/or sexual monsters who come from outer space and have engaged in genetic experiments or sexual assault or both on helpless humans.

AbAnon says nothing about the incest and Satanism yarns, also created or discovered by the same hypnotic techniques, but insists that “many millions” have had the abduction experience and even if you personally can’t remember it — or especially if you can’t remember it — this interstellar rape may have happened to you. See also Demonic Duck, Greys,, National Association for Consumer Protection in Mental Health Practices

James Jesus Angleton 

James Jesus Angleton served as director of counter-intelligence for the CIA from 1954 to 1974 when he was removed for illegal activities. He was a strange, brilliant and paranoid person, obsessed with the search for Soviet moles within the CIA and suspicious of almost everybody. Apparently, he never did abandon his beliefs that Tito was a Soviet mole and that the chief Soviet mole in the CIA has reached a rank at least as high as his own. As we hinted in the introduction, behavior that would rank as clinical paranoia in ordinary life, becomes pragmatic caution in the world of “Intelligence.” The KGB would love to have an agent high in the CIA, Angleton knew; they were clever and tireless, he also knew; ergo, they would eventually have a mole in the Company, and maybe they had one already. He never stopped hunting that Russian mole and he operated with even more secrecy than was normal in the CIA. AJ Weberman believes that Angleton masterminded the assassination of John Kennedy, using an agent named Gerry Patrick Hemming to implicate and frame Lee Harvey Oswald. Most of the evidence for this hypothesis will be found in the Weberman website cited below; but see also E. Howard Hunt, Marina Oswald, Jack Ruby and links therefrom. If Angleton really did it, he probably believed Kennedy was the “top Soviet mole” he’d been hunting so many years. Angleton’s obsession with this ambiguous Russian “mole” code-named Sasha led him to shred documents totally, long before that practice became common, fearing that the mole might ransack his office at night. Another CIA officer, Edward Petty, stated of Angleton, “He was strictly a lone wolf, a strange bird. The man was doing all sorts of things on his own that nobody ever told him to do…..What an Angleton operation was, nobody really knows.”

Angleton helped form the P2 conspiracy in Rome which used drug dealing to finance anti-communist and pro-fascist activities, sometimes using over 200 real and imaginary banks to launder the money. See also Roberto Calvi, In Banks We Trust, Knights of Malta

The Calvi Affair 

The Calvi Affair by Larry Gurwin of the Institutional Investor (London) attempts to make sense of the P2 Conspiracy that shook up Italian finance, and European finance generally, for several years in the 1970s-1980s. Gurwin concentrates chiefly on Roberto Calvi, president of Banco Ambrosiano, whose strange death — he was found hanging from a bridge in London, after disappearing abruptly from Italy — had especially shocked English investors.

Calvi had joined the P2 brotherhood, a secret society within the Grand Orient Lodge of Egytian Freemasonry, because he believed that P2 held the keys to economic and political power in Italy. Through his P2 connections, his close links with Archbishop Paul “The Gorilla” Marcinkus of the Vatican Bank, and his fertile imagination — he created totally fictitious banks all over the world and used them to carry on illegal and clandestine activities — Calvi became indeed very rich, but also attracted unwelcome attention from bank examiners.

Through Liccio Gelli, founder of the P2 group, Calvi became involved with the Mafia, the CIA, the KGB and an assortment of criminal and terrorist organizations– but because of his ties to the Vatican, he was caled “God’s banker” and seemed immune to the hazards of his profession. Then the house of cards fell apart, Calvi found himself indicted for embezzlement, and under suspicion for numerous other crimes, and fled Italy. The day he hanged himself or was hanged in London, his secretary threw herself or was thrown from a window of Banco Ambrosiano in Milan.

See also GladioThe GodfatherPotero Occulto, Michele “The Shark” Sindona
Reference: The Calvi Affair: Death of a Banker, by Larry Gurwin, Pan Books, London, 1984
Demonic Duck
• See Dr. Kenneth Olson
• See also Dr. Corey Hammond, Making Monsters, Satanic Panic


The “Greys” are the most common type of alien life-form involved in Close Encounter UFO cases, especially in abductions. Grey in color, they stand two to five feet tall, have slits for mouths, no noses and huge, bug-like eyes. They first appeared in the Hill abduction case of 1961 — a case typical of this field in that the data was all obtained by recovered memory therapy (hypnosis).

The Hills. Betty and Barney, remembered driving along a New Hampshire road, seeing a strange light and then driving on home. Certain nervous symptoms eventually drove them to seek psychotherapy, and the fact that they were an inter-racial couple with plenty of reason to have nervous problems in this racist society was not considered at length, if at all. Under hypnosis they eventually remembered or imagined the UFO abduction experience that later cases all repeat endlessly — except that Barney Hill, the African-American in the couple, thought the Greys were wearing Nazi uniforms and Betty never did remember that.

No other abductee has reported the Nazi uniforms either.

Betty Hill remembered a star map on the spaceship and eventually, five years later, aided by an undergraduate astronomy student, identified the home planet of the Greys as part of the Zeta Reticuli system. Zeti Reticuli has remained a popular source of aliens in Close Encounters, although lately it has a lot of competition, including Iumma, Lanulos, Sirius and huge constellations like Orion and the Pleiades.

See Abductees Anonymous, Philip Corso, UFO Conspiracies

Corey Hammond 

Dr. Corey Hammond, a leading practitioner of recovered memory therapy, believes that his work proves the existence of an international Satanic cult of Nazis and C.IA. agents who have engaged in Satanic abuse of children for over 50 years. The purpose of the ritual abuse, Dr. Hammond says, is the creation of robotic humans, who are “programmed” to behave in specific ways when specific commands are given. In his own words, the Nazi-CIA group (which also includes NASA) hopes to create “tens of thousands of mental robots who will do pornography, prostitution, smuggle drugs, engage in international arms smuggling. Eventually, those at the top of the satanic cult want to create a satanic order that will rule the world.”

Dr. Hammond has even classified various types of “programs” which have been implanted in the victims of this cult: Alpha represents general obedience programming; Beta concerns performing oral sex and running child prostitution rings; Delta is the program that creates assassins; Omega are self-destruct programs which cause victims to kill themselves if a therapist almost recovers their other deep-buried satanic programs; Zeta concerns the production of snuff films; etc.

Dr. Hammond is a licensed psychologist in Utah, founder and director of the Sex and Marital Therapy Clinic at the University of Utah, has served as both president and vice-president of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, and serves as abstracts editor the American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis. He says he goes in fear of his life because of the revelations he has made. His theories have been accepted as literally true by countless Feminists and Fundamentalists.

See also Philp K. Dick, Daemonic Duck, False Memory Syndrome Foundation,. the Great Satanic Blasphemy, Nazi Hell Creatures

Reference: Making Monsters, by Richard Ofshe and Ethan Watters, University of California Press, Berkeley & Los Angles, 1994, pp 183-93

Knights of Malta 

Originally known as the Knights of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem during the Crusades, the Knights of Malta were given that island in 1530 by Emperor Charles V but later lost it to Napoleon in 1798. They now occupy a small building in the Vatican, admit Dames as well as Knights and are correctly called the Sovereign Military Order of Malta — but almost everybody still calls them the Knights of Malta.

According to English journalist Gordon Thomas, the Knights of Malta currently act as couriers between the Vatican and the C.I.A. According to Covert Action Information Bulletin, recent members of the Knights of Malta have included: Franz von Papen, who persuaded von Hindenburg to resign and make Hitler the Chancellor of Germany; General Rheinhard Gehlen, Hitler’s chief of Intelligence, and later head of the CIA’s Russian penetration bureau; General Alexander Haig, major architect of foreign policy in both the Nixon and Reagan regimes; Alexander de Marenches, former chief of French Intelligence; William Casey, head of the CIA during the Iran-Contra conspiracy; Otto von Hapsburg, also a member of the Bilderbergers and part of the Merovingian bloodline according to Baigent, Lincoln and Leigh. and Licio Gelli, Roberto Calvi and Michele Sindona, leaders of the P2 Conspiracy in Italy in the 1970s-80s.

According to David Bernard, the 32nd degree in freemasonry reveals to the initiate that freemasonry is descended from the Knights Tempar and devoted to fighting “tyranny and superstition” of which the main examplar is the Knights of Malta.

See also The Vatican Connection, In God’s Name, Mafia

– Early history: Concise Columbia Encyclopedia, Columbia University Press, New York, 1983 p 454;
– Recent members: Covert Action Information Bulletin, #25, Winter 1986; Gordon: quoted in Irish Press (Dublin) 20 August 1984; David Bernard, Light on Freemasonry, Washington DC, Vonnieda and Sowers, 1858, pp 287-304 Baigent, Lincoln, Leigh: see Holy Blood, Holy Grail

Making Monsters 

Making Monsters by psychologist Richard Ofshe and journalist Ethan Watters critiques recovered memory therapy and claims that it is not only scientifically invalid but often seriously harmful to patients and their families.

The major complaints of Ofshe and Watters are

  1. Each recovered memory expert, using hypnosis, eventually persuades the patient that induced visions are real memories, but since each therapist finds the kind of memories he or she is seeking this does not prove anything except that hypnotized subjects will eventually produce what the hypnotist demands. Thus, Christian therapists find Satanic rituals, Feminists find incest and other sexual abuse, and Budd Hopkins and his school find UFO abductions.
  2. The process of “finding” or creating these memories or pseudo-memories is often very long, sometime three to five years, sometimes even longer than that. This looks more like a process of joint imaginative creation than a process of remembering.
  3. Many patients have been encouraged by these therapists to confront and denounce their alleged abusers, with great injury all around to every member of the afflicted family. With a procedure as uncertain as hypnotically induced belief, this borders on criminal irresponsibility.
  4. Experimental studies of memory fail to support the doctrines underlying “recovered memory” and many famous studies (which every qualified psychologist should know) flatly contradict it.
  5. Many of the most celebrated recovered memory cases are so absurd on the face of it that nobody would believe them if the recovered memory therapists did not have two support groups, the Radical Feminists and the Fundamentalist Christians, constantly assuring us that this therapy is “scientific.”

Despite these telling criticisms, and others published elsewhere, recovered memory therapy still has its devotees and patients continue to remember horrible incidents of sexual abuse, Satanic/canibalistic rituals and extraterrestrial abduction. See also Demonic Duck, Corey Hammond, Satanic Panic Reference: Making Monsters: False Memories, Psychotherapy and Sexual Hysteria by Richard Ofshe and Ethan Watters, University of California Press, Berkeley and Los Angeles, 1996

The Naked Pope 

Vanni Nistico, press officer of the Socialist Party of Italy, says that Liccio Gelli once showed him some photos of Pope John Paul II standing naked next to his swimming pool. Gelli commented,”If it’s possible to take these pictures of the Pope, imagine how easy it is to shoot him.” Vanni says he has no idea what use Gelli intended to make of the photos, but David Yallop, in his book on the P2 Conspiracy, has evidence that Gelli was blackmailing some of the most important people in Italy.

See also A-Albionic, The Godfather, Pope John Paul I, Scandals References: The Calvi Affair, by Larry Gurwin, Pan Books, London 1984, p 51: In God’s Name, by David Yallop, Jonathan Cape, London, 1984

National Association for Consumer Protection in Mental Health Practices

The National Association for Consumer Protection in Mental Health Practices, founded by Christopher Barden, is engaged in a state by state drive to enact laws that would require mental health practitioners to provide scientific evidence that their methods are safe and effective, before they can receive state insurance money. Largely inspired by the dismal record of the recovered memory movement, this organization wants every therapist to show that the methods used have been proven “safe and effective by rigorous, valid and reliable scientific investigations and accepted as safe and effective by a substantial majority of the relevant scientific community.”

The model law written by Barden, who is both a lawyer and a Ph.D. in psychology, says that patients “have a legal and moral right to be fully and fairly informed of the risks and hazards and relative benefits of all proposed mental health treatments.”

In 1995 the American Psychological Association set aside nearly a million dollars to fight this proposed legislation.

See also Abductees Anonymous, Demonic Duck, Corey Hammond, Making Monsters, Satanic Panic

Reference: Making Monsters: False Memories, Psychotherapy and Sexual Hysteria by Richard Ofshe and Ethan Watters, University of California Press, Berkeley and Los Angeles, 1996 p 318-319

Dr. Kenneth Olson

Dr. Kenneth Olson, in treating a patient named Nadine Cool, persuaded her to disclose some 126 previously repressed alternative personalities. These included Satan, many angels who brought messages from God, a cannibal and even a demonic duck. Dr. Olson then billed Ms. Cool’s insurance company for $300,000 for group therapy.

Cool’s father dropped dead of a heart attack after she confronted him with her “memories” of Satanic rituals and infant sacrifices. She eventually sued Dr. Olson for malpractice and collected $3.4 million in damages.

Four other women “recovered” similar memories while in therapy with Dr. Olson and two of them have already sued him successfully. See also Multiple Personality Disorder, Recovered Memory Therapy, Dr Cory Hammond, Making Monsters References: Fortean Times, #99, June 1997; CBS 60 Minutes 30 Nov 1997

Marina Oswald

Although Marina Oswald has given a variety of stories about her ex-husband and his involvement or non-involvement in a JFK Assassination Conspiracy, her latest version, given to A J Weberman in 1994, is especially interesting and unexpected:

“The answer to the Kennedy assassination is with the Federal Reserve Bank. Don’t underestimate that. It’s wrong to blame it on Angleton and the CIA per se only. This is only one finger of the same hand. The people who supply the money are above the CIA.”

See also Albert Guy Bogard, Fedora, Ezra Pound, David Rockefeller, Sasha

Our Lady of the Roses / Jesus-AIDS

Theory Our Lady of the Roses Shrine in a suburb of New York has been called “the Lourdes of America” because the proprietor, housewife Veronica Lueken, sees the Virgin Mary regularly, and even channels her. Along with a lot of support for Archbishop Lefebvre and right-wing Catholicism in general, the Virgin reveals many shocking bits of news, such as the UFO phenomenon being produced by demons who sexually molest children. Her most startling revelation, however, is that the creator of AIDS was her own son, Jesus, who was so vexed by the Gay community that he decided to kill them off en masse.

Because the HIV virus was designed by Jesus himself, the Blessed Mother says, scientists will never find a cure for it.

See also Christians Awake, UFO/Satanic Conspiracy, the Antichrist

Reference: Our Lady of the Roses Shrine, Box 52, Bayside NY 11361

Potere Occulto

In Italian, potere occulto means “hidden power,” or the clandestine group behind the visible rulers. Roberto Calvi, murdered president of Banco Ambrosiano, was a fervent believer in potere occulto, and before the P2 scandal errupted, many ridiculed him for his fascination with this melodramatic view of the world. Calvi believed that the secret of success was to find which hidden group held the most power and then join it. Since he ended up hanging from a bridge in London, he perhaps did not find the strongest group after all.

After the P2 revelations and indictments, many seemed to see realism in Calvi’s view of power. A radical member of the Italian government, Massino Teodori, said that the P2 revelations showed an interpenetration of “financial criminality and common criminality;” former Prime Minister Giovanni Spaldolini described the Calvi-Gelli network as “a new Mafia…a multinational (corporation) of crime;” another member of Parliiament, Guiseppe D’Alema, described the P2 crew as part of “a political-military- business complex….in which fascist and other forces co-exist.” Larry Gurwin, of the staid Institutional Investor concluded his study of the conspiracy with the blunt statements that “The U.S. government and the Vatican….have, in their war against communism, allied themselves with ….gangsters, drug pushers and terrorists” and “Roberto Calvi’s world view may have been far more accurate than anyone realized.”

See also Cara Calvi, The Godfather, Paul “The Gorilla” Marcinkus, Government as Conspiracy

Reference: The Calvi Affair, by Larry Gurwin, Pan Books, London, 1984, pp 179-80, 195-96

Michele Sindona

Michele “The Shark” Sindona started his career as a Mafia lawyer, got inducted into P2, and soon collaborated with Roberto Calvi and Archbishop Paul “The Gorilla” Marcinkus in major drug laundering operations. Moving to the U.S. Sindona founded his own Franklin National Bank in New York, was a guest at Nixon’s second presidential inauguration, and acquired a reputation as a financial wizard for his shrewd investments of Vatican funds in the World Trade Center, Procter and Gamble and other big money-makers. Then suddenly, it all fell apart.. Franklin National went bankrupt, Sindona got convicted of 65 counts of stock and currency fraud in New York, was extradited to Italy after a prolonged legal struggle and once returned to his homeland was convicted of murdering a bank examiner in Rome. Sindona died in a cell while awaiting trial on charges that he and Calvi and the P2 crowd in general had conspired toward a fascist coup in Italy. Like the deaths of Calvi and several others in the P2 shadow-world, Sindona’s death remains in the murky area where nobody has quite proven either suicide or murder.

See also Knights of Malta, Cisalpine Bank, World Finance Corporation References: In God’s Name, by David Yallop, Jonathan Cape, London, 19894; In Banks We Trust, by Penny Lernoux, Doubleday, NY, 1984

UFO/Satanic Conspiracy

According to one school of Christian eschatology, the UFO phenomenon is produced by the fallen angels who followed Satan –“Prince of the Powers of the Air, Lord of Those that Fly, Intelligence behind UFO manifestations and alien encounters.”

This theory, in one form, states that the angels built civilizations on every planet in this solar system; the face on Mar is an angelic construction depicting the symbols of Virgo and Leo, representing the first and second advent of Christ on Earth. Although that face survives, another whole planet was destroyed in the battle between God and Satan; its remains make up the asteroid belt, which is the model for all the crop circles.

Supporting opinions are quoted from one Dr. Pierre Guerrin (“UFO behavior is more akin to magic than to physics as we know it:) and offbeat UFOlogist John Keel (“The UFO manifestations seem to be, by and large, merely minor variations of the age-old demonological phenomenon.”) The Bible, therefor, should be consulted to explain what is happening, and it clearly reveals that we are living in “the tribulation, or End Times” which will lead on directly to Apocalypse after Israel signs a treaty with the head of government of a unified Europe to establish a Jewish temple in Jerusalem and resume the “ancient sacrificial system of worship.”

See also Hawthorne Abendsen, Holy Blood, Holy Grail, Satanic Panic

Everything Is Under Control

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